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Solar potential - roof cadastre

according to the SUN-AREA method

The SUN-AREA research project provides the proof: About 20% of Germany’s roof tops is suitable for solar energy use. It could cover the complete power requirement of homes throughout Germany. This corresponds to more than 100 times of that used today.

SUN-AREA calculates the solar power potential of each roof area, each city and each county or district. With geographical information systems, the solar potential of all roof areas is precisely calculated fully automatically on the basis of aircraft scanner data. This is done by calculating the angle of the roof, its alignment and shade. Solar suitability, potential power output, CO2 reduction as well as investment volume are calculated thereby for each subarea of a roof and made available to all in an interactive map on the Internet.

SUN-AREA brings the solar power age a little bit closer to us.

The SUN-AREA method was developed be a team of researchers led by Prof. Dr. Martina Klärle.


Interactive map and database on the Internet

70,000 roofs were inspected in Osnabrück, a pilot city. An extract:


SUN-AREA has been applied in several municipalities. You can take a look on the Internet at the interactive maps of the following three cities, no password required.

City of Osnabrück: approx. 70,000 roofs inspected

City of Gelsenkirchen: approx. 40,000 roofs inspected

City of Braunschweig: approx. 80,000 roofs inspected www.braunschweig.de/sun-area (with separate solar-thermal cadastre)

SUN AREA has been presented in a scientific programme on German television.
Deutsche Welle (German)
Deutsche Welle (English)
3Sat Mediathek


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